Our Mission and Vision

The Camel Project's Mission:
The mission of the Camel Project is to assist individuals and organizations in changing the culture of bullying and unacceptable behaviors that result in violence, trauma, and abuse.

We focus on emotional and mental wellness, including Schools, Workplaces, and Veterans.

Our Vision Statement:
Our vision is to make the Camel Project a leading provider of programs and training for awareness and prevention of bullying-based violence, suicide, and homicide.

The Camel Project's first initiative Stop Bullying - I Care!, focuses on building confidence, self-awareness, and an innovative approach to achieving a healthy support system by mastering relationship skills. We introduce new and alternative responses to bullies. One outcome is discovering your authentic self, which leads to innovative real-time solutions. Our programs interactively show how individually and in groups by doing exercises, games, and role-playing. The personal and relationship development skills include communications, 1st impression, and body language.

Stop Bullying - I Care!
Bullying Prevention/Eliminate Initiative: To provide a safe, bullying-free "protected zone" at school, at home, and at work. Bullying can happen in any school, industry, and any company. Bullying policies and procedures need to be in place and enforced regularly. Also, a support system was implemented to assist any victims of bullying. We work with the bullied and the bullier, and we found no difference between them. All bullies have been created by being bullied themselves. 

Certified Prevention Specialist
The Certified Prevention Specialist curriculum is a unique group of programs for parents, educators, administrators, public safety members, business leaders, and other stakeholders. Unlike many other bullying prevention/elimination programs which target the children/subjects themselves or only provide an outline for stakeholders to follow, we believe the key to solving the bullying crisis is to work in person with stakeholders who have influence over larger groups and provide them with concrete steps they can take in their work.


Our motto:

It Starts with You, but it's not about you!

Program Books
The book, Not All Camels are in the Desert, is for grades 6 to 12 and adults. It's for those who have been labeled, bullied, and put in a box and are ready to bust out of that box and smash those labels. This story shares how she went from a felony to finding her real, authentic self.

A Blaze of Kindness: Slinky & Laptop's Backyard Adventures teach children about kindness, compassion, and empathy. It focuses on the relationship skills of making friends, working together, and how to overcome bullying. 

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