Inclusion and Diversity

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    "I will be more self-aware of how my words and behaviors affect others. I will think before I speak. I will observe and see what is happening around me, and I will protect others who cannot protect themselves."

    The Camel Project Pledge is a mission, but it is so much more than a simple statement. Our organization stands against all forms of discriminatory, aggressive, violent, or bullying behavior.

    Inclusion and diversity is a guiding principle of everything we do. No matter your color, race, ethnicity, national origin, native language, citizenship, gender, gender identification, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, age, military status, or disability, you can rest assured knowing The Camel Project accepts you for who you are and we value you as an equal member of our community. 

    All are welcome to engage in our programs and events - our strength is in our diversity. That diversity helps everyone gain understanding and learn to love and respect one another regardless of background.

    As ambassadors of this mission, we must learn before we can teach, and neither learning nor teaching has room for prejudice.

    We must set an example for the generations that follow us. Bullying isn't a spontaneous behavior; it's a learned one. We must never teach the corrosive lesson of bullying in all its forms. 

    That's our mission, to stop bullying where it starts: to stop the generational tradition of stereotypes, hatred, and prejudice.


    (also see The Camel Project Non-Discrimination Policy)

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